Congratulations on receiving your Genelle sample collection kit: The first step of your personalised wellness journey!

Carefully open your kit

Inside, you’ll find the instructions card and three small boxes.

Box one, contains your swabs and collection tubes. Box two, contains your barcode stickers and dry capsules, and box three, is your return box, and contains an air-tight specimen bag, to help protect your samples in transit.

Please ensure you carefully follow all these instructions, step-by-step, to ensure your DNA test is successful.

Wait 1 hour

Make sure you wait at least one hour after eating, drinking or smoking before you take your DNA sample! This is to reduce the risk of other elements interfering with your DNA test. For best results, rinse your mouth out thoroughly with clean water, about 5 minutes before doing your test.

Open box 1
  1. Gently open the wrapper and remove one of the swabs by the handle - being careful not to let the swab head touch anything, so as to avoid contamination.
  2. Place the swab head into one side of your mouth, and with firm pressure, rub the head around the side of your cheek and gums. Do this for a full minute.
  3. After one minute, carefully, and without touching the swab head, place it back inside the collection tube.
  4. Then, find the small groove with your thumbnail, and snap the head off at this point. The head should fall freely off into the tube.
Open box 2
  1. Remove your dry capsules, and barcode stickers.
  2. Carefully open one of the capsule packets in such a way as to not touch the capsule, and let the capsule slide into your collection tube with your broken-off swab head. Then, seal the collection tube with the lid.
  3. When the tube is sealed, peel off one of your barcode stickers, and apply it to the tube so the barcode number runs down the length of the tube.
  4. Now that you’ve completed your first sample, repeat the entire process with your second swab, on the other side of your mouth!
  5. When your second sample is complete, take your instruction card, write your name on it, and paste one of your remaining barcode stickers on it as well. Hold on to this for safe-keeping.
Register your barcode number online
  1. Log in to your Genelle account, and you’ll see the button to register the barcode number on your samples.
  2. Carefully enter the barcode number on your samples, and double-check it’s correct.
  3. Next, you’ll see the digital consent form. Once you’ve read through and accepted this, you’ll see a collection point address for your local market, where you can mail your sample to.

Please note: You can only register one sample barcode number per account. If more than one person is doing their DNA test at the same time, they will need to log in and register their barcode number, in their own account.

Open box 3
  1. Take out the air tight specimen bag, and place your two samples inside.
  2. Now fold up the bag containing your samples, and place it back inside of box three for posting.
  3. Once you have posted your samples to the collection point, you’ll be able to track the progress of your sample through the link on your Genelle dashboard. This will tell you when your samples arrive at the lab, when testing commences, and give you updates throughout the testing process.
Test complete

If, for some reason your DNA test is unsuccessful, you’ll be notified by email and our customer care team will get in touch with you to organise retesting.

When your results are ready, you’ll be notified by email. You’ll then be able to access any Genetic Action Plans you’ve ordered and your DNA personalised wellness products inside your Genelle Dashboard.