Genelle & Fitness.

For gyms, coaches and personal trainers.

How can Genelle give you and your clients that cutting edge?

Change the game! Genelle gives you more than DNA fitness intelligence. Our holistic roadmaps and products work with your client's needs on nutrition, skin health, supplements and general health. Give clients an extra reason to come to you.

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Reduce risks and unleash potential.

Fitness professionals can use Genelle to gain a much deeper understanding of their client's genetic fitness traits and athletic potential, as well as how well they will respond to different exercises and their underlying risk of injuries. Your client's fitness roadmap also contains recommendations for professional trainers and coaches.

Designed by champions and Olympic sport scientists.

Genelle’s fitness routines are exclusively designed by the best in the business.

Work alongside elite trainers and coaches, such as James Alexander Ellis, champion bodybuilder and celebrity personal trainer and Dr. Georgios Ziogas, Olympic sports scientist for four consecutive Olympics teams, the Champions League and aerospace medical centres.


Optimise your clients’ workouts.

Genelle Precision Fitness Plans can be tailored to suit your clients' needs and your own fitness programmes. Genelle's intelligent algorithms will recalculate the most efficient plans based on your clients' genetic fitness profile.

Workout types
Combine or focus on strength or resistance training.

Fitness Level
Set difficulty levels for age and ability.

Training availability
Schedule workouts based on client's availability each week.

Endurance exercise type
Choose from swimming, cycling or jogging.

Equipment selection
Based on your own equipment and their home setup.

Genetic Markers
Genetic Trait Reports

Learn more through 90+ genetic markers.

Through 90+ genetic markers, help your clients learn about how changes to their fitness routine, diet and lifestyle impact their physiology and overall health including:

  • Micro-nutrient requirements and absorption abilities
  • Endurance capacity
  • Muscle performance
  • Resistance to tendon & ligament injuries
  • Resistance to muscle damage & fatigue
  • Resistance to bone injuries
  • V02 max trainability
  • Heart rate response
  • Heart rate recovery
  • Flexibility
  • Psychological aptitude
  • Blood pressure response to exercise
  • Blood glucose response to exercise
  • Capacity to burn fat
  • Testosterone metabolism
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Stay involved with their progress.

Your clients can choose to share their DNA results, roadmaps and ongoing progress with you in their client app, giving you valuable insights into their unique DNA blueprint and how to achieve safer, faster results.

Keep your clients focused for a lifetime.

Guiding your clients on a continual journey of improvement is your business. Genelle will help keep them engaged with new products through our ongoing research and development. As we learn more about the secrets of DNA, Genelle provides ongoing fitness content, which your clients can access free as part of their package plan. Achieve the best for them, and provide an ongoing value-add to your business.

Reach new goals for yourself and your clients today.

Genelle partnerships are available now. Talk to us today about how to value-add to your business, and receive the benefits.

You get the benefits. We do all the work.

Every Genelle client that purchases through your business earns you a commission. We will provide you with all the tools and infrastructure you need to promote and educate your clients about the power of Genelle and get started on their own Genelle journey.

All ages. All bodies. All over the world.

DNA is universal, and no matter what your client base, our technology finds the secrets to living better for every age and ethnicity.

Genelle’s world-class team, led by Dr. Marios Kambouris, includes industry-leading geneticists, nutritionists, sports scientists, dermatologists, psychologists and product formulators.

Our team and reach span the globe, including locations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, with more to come. As we roll out Genelle in different countries, our products will be adapted to local requirements, from languages to customs and ingredients.

Backed by a decade of research & development.

Genelle provides a proprietary, holistic solution for wellness by assessing DNA, lifestyle and environment. Our industry-leading experts have created revolutionary products in predictive genomics, nutrition, weight loss, athletic training, and the formulation of supplements and skincare products. Genelle also examines up to five times more genetic markers in determining your genetic traits than leading competitors, which increases the confidence of prediction.

The highest standards of testing, privacy & security.

Our CLIA certified testing facilities in Europe offer the highest level of microarray testing available, and are accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard. Your DNA is analysed using state of the art sequencing, providing the most accurate identification of your DNA. This is performed by our team of dedicated and experienced scientists.

Your clients’ DNA information is kept private and confidential, through a process of de-identification, barcode categorisation and secure anonymous storage compliant with GDPR. At no point will your client's data be shared without their consent.

Partner with the premium brand in DNA aligned health.

Genelle is the first DNA product that will do more than provide genetic health information and advice. With Genelle, you can offer your clients a premium brand that will empower them and enhance and elevate your own business. Add an additional product line and profit centre without all the work, and improve the wellbeing and fitness of your existing clients. Genelle’s product range offers something for all health and wellness professionals.

Frequently asked questions.

How do the workout recommendations work?

Your workout recommendations are based on your Genetic Roadmap and are designed to support your underlying need for resistance or endurance workouts to develop or maintain these areas of your physical fitness.

Do I need to go to a gym or purchase equipment?

Not at all. Our resistance training programs can cater to bodyweight-only workouts. However, if you prefer using gym equipment, we have programs utilising ‘basic gym’ or ‘full gym’ equipment. The ‘basic gym’ equipment list is available in the program if you wish to purchase this equipment for your home.

What type of exercises does the program offer?

Our exercises break down into two categories: Resistance or muscle training and endurance or cardio training. At present, our resistance program focuses on the use of weights or bodyweight to improve muscle mass, while our endurance programs include swimming, jogging and cycling (with more soon to come).