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Nutrition personalised to your unique DNA and lifestyle.

Exactly what you need, every day.

Precise to you.

Our bodies are amazing machines. When you give your body what it needs - the right amount of exercise, sleep and the right nutrients - it can heal itself and even create a natural, healthy balance that prevents illness and disease. However, the exact nutrients that are right for your body can be very different from someone else’s. Not knowing your exact needs can result in endless, costly, and potentially harmful trial and error. It’s only by uncovering your individual underlying nutrient requirements that we can eliminate all the guesswork and give your body precisely what it needs to thrive.

Do you know what vitamins your body needs?

Do you know what vitamins your body needs?

Only your cells know.

Over 240 genetic markers are assessed in your Genetic Roadmaps that can negatively impact your health and wellness if not corrected by nutritional intervention. These markers reveal how well your body absorbs essential vitamins and minerals, which can result in a much higher required daily intake. They also directly affect vital processes such as detoxification, metabolism, inflammation, and even your ability to grow or maintain muscle mass or fight the signs of ageing.

What is your nutritional gap?

Your DNA is a significant factor in determining your nutritional needs, but so is your lifestyle and environment. Your in-depth lifestyle assessment creates a picture of how your lifestyle is working for or against your DNA. Genelle uses all these factors to determine your exact nutritional gap.

Your body, your nutrition.

Genelle’s advanced algorithms create your personalised supplement regimen made from the highest quality, peer-reviewed ingredients. Your regimen is matched uniquely to you, providing your optimal supplement needs every day.

What's included.

The World’s leading DNA precision nutrition technology, based on more than 240 genetic markers and your lifestyle*

*requires the purchase of a DNA test; otherwise, recommendations are based on lifestyle information only.

Highest quality, premium active ingredients
Full clinical dosages for maximum efficacy
Trusted manufacturing
  • GMP certified by the certifier SGS according to 21 CFR Part 111 regulations for food supplements.
  • IFS Food Certification granted by the international certifier SGS, at the highest level, for the production and packaging of food supplements and dietetic products
  • Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015
  • AEO Authorised Economic Operator certified
  • FDA Approved The production plant was inspected by the prestigious U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the satisfactory results allowed the company to market its products in the United States of America
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Key features.

1 in 10 Million

Over 10 Million precision regimens, including the 1 that's right for you!

Holistic approach

Personalised nutrition based on your lifestyle, environment and over 240 genetic markers.

Premium ingredients

We only use the highest quality, peer-reviewed ingredients for maximum bioavailability.

Clinical dosage

All formulas are at full clinical dosages for maximum efficacy.

To be the best you, you need to know you.

To be the best you, you need to know you.

Start with one of Genelle’s DNA packages to learn what nutritional support your body needs.

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Frequently asked questions.

Are your products vegetarian or vegan friendly?

<p>Our products are vegetarian. Some of our products contain a caviar extract making them non-vegan.</p>

Where can I see if a product contains things that I’m allergic to?

<p>Inside your customer portal, you will be able to view the full ingredient list of every product. If there is a particular ingredient you are concerned about, please reach out to us at</p>