What's next?

Genelle’s science never stands still, with revolutionary new tests, reports and insights coming soon.

How your body responds to medicine.

A new personalised pharmacogenomics report will soon be added to Genelle’s DNA testing, examining how DNA affects your response to drugs. Our genetic variations metabolise drugs differently, meaning some drugs can be ineffective or too effective, creating complications such as allergies, side effects and toxicities.

Dry blood spot home testing.

Genelle will soon offer convenient testing of dried blood samples, measuring hormones and other analytes such as insulin, blood lipids, vitamin D, thyroid hormones, and elements such as magnesium, without the need for laboratory blood sampling.

Uncovering the traits that lead to long life.

Want to live past 100? Your genes may have the answers.

An exciting new development Genelle scientists are working on will examine genetic traits that affect the biological processes that govern longevity or senescence, resulting in a new report with insights on how your DNA can affect your lifespan.

Passing on more than eye color.

The new Genelle family planning test can determine whether or not you or your partner carry inherited genetic mutations that you might pass on to an unborn child, resulting in hereditary diseases or abnormalities. 

Essential information when planning for children.

Our vision is a healthier world.

Our goal is to provide answers for the world’s health challenges through prevention, not more medicine. Genelle’s continual innovation is driven by our desire to provide the best tools to create healthier people.