Genelle Fitness.

DNA based training designed to unlock your peak performance.

Genelle knows you, from the inside out.

The power to know, not guess.

Everybody is unique, and a personal trainer can tailor your fitness training accordingly. However, even the best personal trainers cannot foresee how well your body will respond to different exercises or your susceptibility to tendon or bone injuries without lengthy, potentially harmful trial and error. Imagine having access to personalised training that understands your body on a molecular level, providing you with a safer and more efficient pathway to superior results.

The power to find new limits.

The power to find new limits.

Genetic Markers

Understand your physical potential on a molecular level.

Genelle’s Fitness Plan is like having a personalised trainer working within your cells. Using more than 30 genetic markers identified in your Genetic Roadmap, Genelle personalises a training regimen that understands your muscle strength, endurance potential and your risk associated with bone or soft tissue injuries.


Workouts to achieve more.

Using the same technology our sports scientists use to personalise training programs for Olympic and elite level athletes, your fitness plans are aligned to your natural athletic abilities and which areas and muscles to train to achieve your best potential.

Customised to your lifestyle.

Your fitness plan provides professional weekly aerobic and resistance training programs that you can use with any equipment you have available. Personalise your program to suit your lifestyle, free time and training availability. Select your starting level of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Choose your preferred type of workout and how many days per week you can exercise.


Guiding you at every turn.

Interactive workouts and warm-ups match your current fitness level and intelligently adjust the difficulty to minimise your potential risk of injury based on your Roadmap results. Achieve faster, safer results at your ideal pace and goals.

When you know more, you can be more. See where Genelle can take you.

What's included.

Professional fitness training plans developed by elite sports scientists and trainers
Your individual Genetic Fitness Guide on the types of warm-ups and exercises you should focus on, and ones to avoid
  • Your muscle performance
  • Your endurance capacity
  • Your risk of certain types of injuries
Workout program difficulty to suit any fitness level
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
100’s of strength workouts utilising different equipment, based on what you have available
  • Bodyweight only
  • Basic gym equipment
  • Full gym equipment
1000’s of endurance workouts in a variety of popular exercises
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Jogging
Workouts catering to how much time you have to work out per week
Instructional videos with your very own Genelle personal trainer
Intelligent fitness tracking to help you achieve your fitness goal

Key Features.


Precision fitness training based on your genetic strengths and weaknesses to give you faster, superior results.

Elite sports scientists

Your fitness routines are exclusively designed by both elite level and Olympic sports scientists and trainers.

Built for success

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, your precision training intelligently adapts to your fitness level to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Reduce risk of injury

Your personalised fitness plan will give you specific warm-ups, exercises and step-by-step instructions to avoid injuries you may be genetically prone to.

Train anywhere

Use your mobile-friendly training program anywhere and with whatever equipment you have available, whether that’s bodyweight only, basic home-gym or a full professional gym.

1000’s of exercises

Workout with easy instructional videos should you how to train effectively and safely.

It’s more than just DNA. It’s your personalised guide to enhancing your health.

It’s more than just DNA. It’s your personalised guide to enhancing your health.

Start your fitness journey with your DNA as your guide.

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Frequently asked questions.

How do the workout recommendations work?

Your workout recommendations are based on your Genetic Roadmap and are designed to support your underlying need for resistance or endurance workouts to develop or maintain these areas of your physical fitness.

Do I need to go to a gym or purchase equipment?

Not at all. Our resistance training programs can cater to bodyweight-only workouts. However, if you prefer using gym equipment, we have programs utilising ‘basic gym’ or ‘full gym’ equipment. The ‘basic gym’ equipment list is available in the program if you wish to purchase this equipment for your home.

What type of exercises does the program offer?

Our exercises break down into two categories: Resistance or muscle training and endurance or cardio training. At present, our resistance program focuses on the use of weights or bodyweight to improve muscle mass, while our endurance programs include swimming, jogging and cycling (with more soon to come).